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ViEx: Virtual exposure

ViEx. Virtual exposition

"ViEx" - is an information system designed not only for museums but also for galleries, exhibitions or similar events. With "ViEx" help you will be able to present exhibit to the visitor in other way.

Through an information terminal visitor will not only be able to see, but also to hear, or even view the footage, prepared specifically for this exhibit.

Flexible system architecture allows expanding exposition without limiting either the halls, terminals or number of exhibits.

Another way to represent!

Expanding the possibilities for delivering information, "ViEx offers a variety of information about the exhibits in the exposition, presentation techniques. This is the text, auditory, visual, such as photos and footage, and their combination. ViEx This makes the system more attractive to the consumer, provide him with broad operational space.

It is very easy to operate!

The system for managing staff implemented using separate management roles that allow to assign responsibility to individual workers or even groups. Intuitive management tools facilitate the work of both the introduction of new subjects, and the administration.

Reliable system

System has distributed information architecture. Its use allows the terminal to ensure continued broad disruption of the functioning of the relationship between the server and the terminal for one reason or another. It is also realized by the system of terminals for monitoring tool that enables you to check whether the terminal, which is needed to update is accessible and functioning properly.

Server side application uses Win32 platform but could be easily adapted for the Linux platform, which allows to minimize the cost of a server platform choice.

Client side is could be integrated with SiteKiosk 6.5. Due to SiteKiosk the whole system maintenance does not require special hardware and software knowledge and skills needed to administer the system, it takes just a few hours to get familiar with the system. Also using SiteKiosk you will be able to manage the level of security, i.e. grant or vice versa - to restrict the users actions over the system.

Expand the opportunities for exposition!